Chemical Injection Pump

The LCO Technologies CROSSFIRE Solar-powered Chemical Injection Pump is an ultra-low power device that is designed to reduce chemical costs, maintenance costs and methane emissions. It is a durable, energy-efficient solution like no other that can run for weeks – not days – even in areas with limited sunlight. It can be configured with one to four fluid ends, allowing you to replace up to four pneumatic pumps with one unit.


  • Eliminates methane venting from chemical injection
  • Precise chemical injection
  • Delivers chemical proportionate to flow
    • Consistent chemical dispersion rate
    • Delivers <1L/day to 720 L/day up to 10,000 psi
  • High system autonomy
    • Ultra-low power chemical injection pump that can run weeks, not days, using solar and batteries on most applications
  • Standard 5100 series fluid ends for field familiarity
    • Customization available based on fluid end size, packings, and O-rings based on application
  • Comes complete with a smart controller that has MODBUS communications built in as a standard
    • Option to upgrade to an advanced controller that has standalone automation capabilities
  • User friendly operator and technician interface that is password protected