Versacom Wellhead Skids

VersaCom CSG Wellhead Skid Packages

The VersaCom range of wellhead skid solutions have been designed to provide flexible, low cost and
“open systems” options for various wellhead packages, with an emphasis on maintaining high quality, fit for purpose solutions with full compliance.

The VersaCom range is designed and manufactured here in Brisbane by Indratel Australia using
accredited 3rd party approved fabrication sub-manufacturers for the pipe spools.

VersaCom base package includes:

  • Complete design and manufacture of the skid package using any of 3 standard design options
    c/w instrumentation and in line control equipment
  • Completion of the HAZOP as required by the end user.
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Skid mounted Control and Monitoring equipment with solar power (where required).
  • Communications equipment using either, wireless Ethernet, UHF, NextG orSatellite
    infrastructure, fully compliant to the local regulatory authorities.
  • Software design and implementation of control and monitoring strategies.
  • Software design and implementation of SCADA strategies.
  • Full documentation package.
  • Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning, site support and training services
  •  Complete purchase or leasing options

Typical VersaCom Skid

VersaCom Package Options

Currently there are 3 standard VersaCom package options with the addition of the 4th package
designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.

  •  VersaCom Pilot
  • This option is the base VersaCom design which is provided for initial wellhead proving
    or methane mitigation. It measures gas and water flows, flow-line pressure and
    maintains wellhead gas backpressure.
  • Communication to the hostsystem utilizes “open architecture” for easy integration to
    the customers’ existing Control or SCADA System.
  • The control package collects the relevant meter data for upload to a host SCADA
    system and has the ability to control the well water level using pump speed control
    and down-hole level measurement.
  • The control package is sized to allow for future addition of production separation and
    transfer pump control and monitoring.

VersaCom Conditioning

  • This package includes the VersaCom Pilot design with the added feature of a gas
    knockout vessel where the gas is expected to be extremely wet, causing potential
    issues with gas metering, or where methane is to be used as a fuel gas for generators
    or engines.
  • The knockout vessel includes an auto-drain system.

VersaCom Production

  • This package includes the VersaCom Pilot design with the added feature of a
    Production Separator.
  • The Separator is design to meet the expected wellhead water flow rates with,
    mechanical, pneumatic or electronic level control.
  • The option of differential backpressure regulation or transfer pump can be included.
  • Wellhead flow control can be included using the Fisher V200 control valve. This will
    provide control over the dewatering process and subsequent control of flows into the
    gas gathering systems

VersaCom Custom

  • As implied this is a total custom design and can include several options such as
    trailer mounting.
  • The package is manufactured to meet customer’s specific requirements and would be
    fully compliant to local standards.
  • With this package we would expect to be involved in the initial design concept, FEED,
    detail design and HAZOP process to provide the final “issue for construction” design

Systems Integration Capability

Complementing the International brands that are supported by Indratel Australia, we also
provide customers with Integrated Systems. Taking the customers Process and Instrumentation
Diagram (P&ID), we are able to provide a total solution, encompassing:

  • Design – skid mechanical design, valve sizing and Instrumentation selection
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Analyser sample panel systems
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • Small enclosures for Wireless applications.

This work is not simply restricted to small or medium sized systems, but is extended to:

  • Factory and Site Acceptance Testing (FAT & SAT)
  • Full MDR, encompassing such aspects as compliance certificates, NDT & material certification and
    hazardous area dossiers
  • SCADA Packages using several industry standard products
  • Post supply support
    o Bespoke Training
    o Service Support
  • RTU skids
  • Pneumatic Control Panel systems
  • Fusible Loop panels

Whatever the size or volume, one unit or one hundred units, Indratel has the expertise and
capability to meet the specification and supply demands.