Farmtough Remote Monitoring

The Complete Expandable Farm Monitoring and Control System

Indratel specialises in the design and implementation of remote monitoring and control systems to safeguard all your farm assets.

Remote Pump Station Control

Includes on-off, flow-no flow, tank or dam level control,
open-close valves.

Farmhouse Control Centre

Access can be automated with video feed back to base or remote monitoring.

Irrigation Made Easy

Automated Irrigation will help save money, water and your precious time.

Access Control

Access can be automated with video feed back to base
or remote monitoring.

Remote Monitoring
on smart devices away from the base.


 Remote observation and Control equipment

Product outline:

  • Portable Remote Observation and Control System assets
  • Built Farm Tough for transport and environment
  • 12VDC System, 1100X300X160mm when transported
  • HD streamed video at 1 frame per second
  • Time lapse photography
  • IR Model available for night vision
  • Up to four discrete input signal and two 10A relay outputs
  • Dust and water proof electrical fittings

Expansion Capability - The Standard unit can be expanded to provide the following features:

  • UHF (915-928MHz) radio
  • Second camera
  • Solar panel with built in regulator
  • Battery pack sized for Farmtough™ application
  • Programmable machine/process controller
  • All upgrade modules built to the same rugged standard


1. Problem: You want to monitor the level of a dam so you know when to start up the pump. You can use your
mobile phone on your property, and keep cranking batteries on charge for breakdowns.

Solution: No problem! The Farmtough™ remote observer is all you need. Hang it off a couple of star posts,
clip on the jumper leads to the battery, point the camera to what you want to look at. When you get home,
either look at the images on your PC or mobile phone. No more walking in the rain for no reason.

2. Problem: You want to monitor a dam you’re irrigating from. It takes days to run down, and you don’t have
mobile coverage. You don’t want to have to put a fresh cranking battery on every morning.

Solution: No problem! Choose the Farmtough™ upgrade option of UHF, solar panel and battery pack.

Throw them in the back of the ute and drive to your water asset. Hang the Farmtough™ radio/camera box
and the solar panel off a couple of star posts, point the camera at what you want to look at, hook up the
battery and walk away. Check out the dam at your leisure from the homestead.

3. Problem: You want to look at the dials on your 600HP pump at the same time.

Solution: No problem! Take up the Farmtough™ option of a second camera, plug it in with the 20m camera
cable, and relax back at the homestead.

4. Problem: I want to start and stop the pump remotely.

Solution: Of course there is no Problem! Just plug in the Farmtough™ controller.