Oil & Gas

Indratel has supplied radio telemetry, metering and automation systems for use in Oil & Gas in excess of 20+ years. 

Examples include but not limited to: 

  • Wellhead RTU systems 
  • Wellhead integrated skid packages 
  • Remote monitoring and observation systems 
  • Skid Packages 
    • Metering 
    • Pressure control and regulation 
    • Flow nomination 
    • Conditioning 
  • Intrinsically Safe Solutions – CCTV, Surge, POE 
  • Chart Recorder replacement programs 
  • Compressor Control Systems 
  • Chemical Injection 
  • Instrument Air and Gas 
  • Flow Computation and SCADA 
  • Standalone solar power systems 
  • Procurement services
    • Instrumentation
    • HA electrical equipment – Enclosures, glands, lighting, cameras 
    • Gas/Flame detection 
    • Control Valves 
    • Safety Valves 
    • Regulators 

For more products and solutions please see the below: 


Wireless Wireless I/O Wireless I/O 105U-1,2,3,4 Wireless I/O 105U-1,2,3,4 Wireless I/O The ELPRO multi-I/O products are two-way communication devices which...

MTL Instruments

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Industrial Networking

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RTU & Flow Computers

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Gas & Flame Detection

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Soft Starters

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Power Supplies

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Variable Speed Drives

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