Entry Level Radio Telemetry System

Simple remote monitoring and control of assets.

Travelling to remote sites/locations to monitor or control necessary operational functions in any industry costs time and money. As part of its packaged solutions offering, Indratel Australia introduces its entry-level, remote monitoring and control packages for distances up to 5km’s*.

Pole or wall-mounted, pre-assembled and preconfigured, the various options in the series, reduce cost, time and complexity and are ready for immediate installation. There are no license requirements and you simply connect power and your equipment to the terminals provided and data is transferred between the two points in the network.

The options within our entry-level packages include the ability to remotely communicate serial data, instrumentation values and switch/control contacts and relays between two locations. The applications are endless but examples include remote pump / VFD control, irrigation, reservoir monitoring, dam monitoring, water quality and gate monitoring to name a few.

*Communications distance is a function of a reasonable line of site and distances greater than 5km’s can be achieved subject to antenna installation and radio path.

Entry Level Telemetry and Control System


Bidirectional Serial and Digital I/O Package Option

  • Bidirectional RS485/RS422 communications link between panels
  • Bidirectional I/O includes two isolated digital input and two relay outputs per panel

Example Applications –

  • Remote VFD drive monitoring and control
  • Irrigator remote control with feedback
  • Remote display to serial RTU controllers
  • Remote traffic signage control

Unidirectional I/O Package Option

  • The transmitter panel includes one analogue or thermocouple input and two digital/switch inputs
  • The receiver panel includes one analogue output and three digital relay outputs

Example Applications –

  • Remote dam/reservoir level monitoring
  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Remote equipment stop/start
  • applications

Bidirectional Digital I/O and Unidirectional Analogue I/O Package Option

  • Panel A has two analogue inputs, one digital input and one digital/relay output
  • Panel B has two analogue outputs, one digital input and one digital/relay output

Example Applications –

  • Multi-sensor monitoring
  • (eg flow and pressure)
  • Multi-input monitoring and pump speed control
  • Remote equipment start/stop applications

Power Supply: Standard 240Vac. Optional; Solar Power with Battery
Mounting: Wall Mount. Optional; Post Mount with brackets
Antenna; Standard: Whip Aerial. Optional; A range of antenna are available for different applications.