XC compact programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

Think differently about programmable logic controllers

The XC152 programmable logic controllers (PLCs) feature a powerful PLC combined with an integrated SmartWire-DT master and a variety of additional interfaces. Users are able to implement innovative automation solutions due to the XC152’s ability to exchange data either via an Ethernet interface to OPC clients or via an integrated web server.

Core features

  • OS: Windows CE 5
  • Processor: 32 Bit RISC CPU @ 400 MHz
  • OS-, program and data memory: 64 MB
  • OS: Windows CE 5
  • Ethernet interface on board
  • External memory: 1 x SD card
  • SmartWire-DT interface depending on type
  • Communication interfaces depending on type: RS-232, RS-485, PROFIBUS/MPI and CANopen/easyNet
  • RUN/STOP switch
  • CODESYS PLC and web visualization
  • Supports Galileo