Smart PRV

Product Brand: Farris

  • 2600 Series Pressure Relief Valve Equipped with a Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor
  • WirelessHART Protocol
  • Integrates into plants with existing Emerson Wireless Infrastructure
  • Orifice Sizes D through U
  • Retrofits available for installed 2600 Series valves

Farris SmartPRV technology is a simple, powerful solution to improve your ability to monitor critical safety valve and their effects on plant performance. Overpressure events are unpredictable, can go unnoticed and consequently can be difficult to estimate. Using the SmartPRV system, facilities are not able to record over pressure events.

SmartPRV provides:

  • equipped plants with the ability to track and monitor valves in real time
  • provides immediate feedback during an overpressure event
  • feedback includes the time and duration of the overpressure event
  • allowing plants to more accurately estimate releases