SIL725 Safety Annunciator

The SIL725 Safety Annunciator is designed and manufactured to provide a high safety integrity for critical alarm applications and for use as a component part of a safety instrumented system. The unit is third party certified by SIRA using the CASS methodology at safety integrity level SIL2 to IEC61508. With a modular construction, units can be constructed from one to 128 channels with a choice of two window sizes and six colours. Whatever the size and complexity of your alarm scheme, the SIL725 can be configured to provide the best solution. The SIL2 Annunciator builds on the success of our field-proven multi-redundant ASIC technology but takes the design to new levels of safety and reliability. The user may select from a vast range of different operating functions and alarm sequences. All configuration, normal servicing and maintenance are carried out easily from the front of the unit, without the need for special tools.

The SIL725 Safety Alarm Annunciator gives the best in reliability, flexibility and programmability for critical alarm applications and as part of a safety instrumented system.

  • SIRA certified at safety integrity level SIL2 to IEC61508
  • Modular construction from 1 to 128 alarm channels
  • Multi redundant design
  • Choice of window sizes
  • Ultra-bright LED illumination as standard in six colours
  • Each channel configurable from the front
  • Panel or 19” rack mounting or fully integrated into wall mounting or floor standing enclosures