Qnergy Remote Power

Qnergy Indratel remote energy

Qnergy Remote Power

Qnergy’s remote power product is an all-in-one system designed to generate power in the most remote locations. The PowerGen remote power generator provides reliable electrical power supply to the most demanding and mission-critical loads.

Based on Qnergy’s no-maintenance and highly reliable PCK series Stirling engines, the generator package can work seamlessly with a variety of fuel supplies, including: natural gas, propane, ethane, biogas, and multiple associated gas streams. By means of its flexible and modular design, this generator package can be tailored to provide a broad range of power output architectures to meet the electrical requirements of each specific site load. Assembled using lean manufacturing processes, the PowerGen is built to meet strict quality standards. The integrated components and controls are all designed to maximize the customer’s ability to control and monitor their power-generation asset while minimizing servicing of any kind.


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