buy RACOM RipEX australia

Indratel is proud to work with RACOM, leading providers of industrial grade radio modem platforms, renowned for overall data throughput in real time environments

Now offering RipEX-2

RipEX2 has an expansion board which radically extends its usage; GPS for location or precision timing and cellular network connectivity as examples. Huge amounts of data can be transferred over the cellular network with the licensed narrowband used for critical data in case of cellular network outage.

These expansions even enable connectivity to 5G networks and IoT applications, collecting and transmitting data from IoT-sensors in remote locations.

RACOM RIPEX-2 Australia

Industry Leaders

All RACOM products have been designed with attention to detail, performance and quality in mind. With state-of-the-art concepts fully implemented, RACOM continue to be market leaders in the field. 

The RipEX 2 was released in 2019, setting a new standard and providing significant improvements in data speed, security features and interfaces, with the possibility to add expansion-cards for GPS, LTE- and IoT-capabilities.

Built for the conditions

RipEX is renowned for its ability to work in challenging conditions, offering the highest network throughput in any environment. Data throughput from 167 kbps on a 25KHz channel up to 1Mbps on a 200 KHz channel in real time is achievable; unmatched in the industry.


  • 1.7 Mbps / 300 kHz / 256QAM
  • 4× ETH, 1× SFP, 1× COM, 1× USB,
  • RipEX compatible
  • All RipEX features plus:
    – 6.25 – 300 kHz channel size – ACM, Adaptive FEC
    – RADIUS
    – HW tamper proof
    – Expansion ready
    – mPCIe
    – Full-duplex