Pump Control Systems: Case Study - Chevron Australia Pty Ltd.


Mercury is present in all hydrocarbon reservoirs at varying concentrations and in various forms. This presents a risk to health, safety the environment and process equipment. Mercury is expected to be present in the Gorgon Treatment Plant (GTP) in higher than anticipated concentrations, based the results of downhole testing. Mercury Removal Units have been integrated in to the Gorgon process. However, not all process streams will be treated for mercury. Mercury related risks will be mitigated in the GTP by implementation of engineering controls and mercury management activities. A Mercury Management Facility (MMF) shall primarily be used to decontaminate plant and equipment prior to maintenance or prior to transport off site.


Indratel Australia Pty Ltd were engaged to supply the automation for the Mercury Management Facility (MMF) and its sub-systems. The MMF includes wash-down areas, water treatment/ collection facilities and stormwater flush systems to ensure mercury is contained within a defined area, later to be collected for further treatment or disposal.

The principle objectives of the control system are:

  • Monitor the process parameters
  • Control process equipment
  • Provide visual alarms indicating potential hazard
  • Initiate isolation to protect equipment or prevent process from exceeding design envelope

Scope of Work

Indratel Australia Pty Ltd provided the following components:

  • Control Panel package for MMF
  • Full Engineering Design for the Control Panel
  • Redundant Allen & Bradley PLC system with ControlLogix 5571 Controllers and PanelView HMI
  • Configuration and Programming
  • Development of Software functions enabling the data transfer to the customer DCS
  • Factory Acceptance Testing of the Control Panel
  • On site commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing
  • Documentation
  • Warranty

Project value: 275k AUD.

Project was delivered in time and within the budget.

Ongoing Support

Indratel Australia Pty Ltd has been supporting Chevron Australia Pty Ltd after the project delivery.


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