MTL4600 Range

Building on the base of the MTL4500 range, MTL4600 range offers a high level of signal isolation for installations where multiple loops on a common connection are not desirable.
Signal isolation provides excellent protection against surges, common faults and noisy environments. It also eliminates the risk of earth loops between different areas of the plant, which, if not isolated, can cause significant errors or failures under fault conditions.
MTL4600 isolators are fully compatible with all existing backplanes used with the MTL4500 range and many control systems. The form factor and signal types offer the user a common approach for both IS and non-IS signals.

  • 3-port isolation as standard
  • Highest module/channel packing densities
  • Low power dissipation
  • Quick install and release mechanism
  • Multi-channel I/O modules
  • Broken line and earth-fault protection

For Intrinsic Safety applications, see the MTL4500 range.