MTL1000 Range

The MTL1000 range of signal conditioning isolators and accessories are designed to help protect field instruments and control systems to provide safe, reliable and high-quality process communications. This cost-effective solution offers significant savings with its embedded DIN-rail mounted power-bus and compact design. The optional MTL1991 power-bus feed and alarm module offers added power security with the application of dual power feeds with individual supply monitoring. Our new range of MTL13xx trip amplifiers now provide signal conditioning and 2 trip alarms for voltage, current, RTD, thermocouple and potentiometer inputs.

  • Embedded power-bus reduces power wiring up to 90%
  • High packing density with 6.2mm wide slimline modules
  • Trip amplifiers with 2 user set high/low alarm relays
  • Status indication and alarm relay for quick maintenance
  • Improved signal quality enhances plant performance