MTL GECMA Work Station (WS)

The MTL GECMA Work Station range has been designed to address the environmental challenges of obtaining visualisation within harsh and hazardous areas. Building upon decades of experience and expertise and the significantly large installed base of its predecessor, the MTL GECMA Work Station is packed full of features and state-of-the-art technology. The range includes Remote Terminal (RT), Thin Client (TC) and Personal Computer (PC) to meet a wide variety of applications. Suitable for the strictest of hygienic conditions and aggressive production environments, its slim, flexible modular construction also includes individually certified modules to allow safe maintenance even in hazardous areas.

Find out how you can Reduce your plants costs,Optimise your productivity whilst increasing your plant safety.

  • Unique and innovative platform concept, modular design saving time and cost during installation, commissioning and operation.
  • Lightweight, slimline design for optimisation of space and application.
  • Fibre optic or copper data transmission for cost effective, reliable and increased volume of data transfer.
  • Unique intrinsically safe and *alarm visualisation ensuring safe, continuous operation in the hazardous area. (*RT version only)
  • Dual Ethernet ports for redundant data connectivity, increasing process uptime. (TC & PC versions only)
  • Single line data transmission for simple, cost effective installation and reliable transmission.
  • DVI & USB interfaces /transparent USB for quick and flexible connectivity