Modular Dental Manifolds - ASCO Series 252

Normally Closed – Manifold Mount – POM – Brass Ports – Air & Mild Liquids

  • The Series 252 Dental Manifolds are designed for use with air and mild liquids
  • Each manifold assembly is designed with modularity in mind; assemblies can be “daisy-chained” together to create larger assemblies based on OEM requirements and dental chair functionality (Max. 4 manifolds)
  • Plug & Play construction is easily integrated into existing chair configurations due to its compact design
  • Each of the three channels on the manifold is equipped with a flow regulator to adjust the water and air flow according to the specific requirements of the OEM
  • Various orifice sizes available: General Service Valves: 1.6mm & 1.8mm; Proportional Valve: 1.6mm; Isolation Valve: 1.5mm
  • Meets all relevant CE directives, and is RoHS compliant