LS Range

The LS range is a versatile, high-performance, surge protection devices for use in a wide variety of equipment in industrial and commercial applications. LS range consists of LS10/12N, LS05K and LS20N SPDs with different voltage levels and surge rating for wide range of application

The fast acting circuitry will protect equipment from damaging electrical transients and disturbances. Fully automatic in operation the LS range reacts immediately, clamping voltage surges without causing undue leakage losses under normal operation. No operator intervention is required as they reset automatically and are completely maintenance free.

Series and parallel versions are available. The LSXXX-xxxx-S models automatically disconnect power to the load under fault conditions, while the LSXXX-xxxx-P devices are parallel connected that disconnect themselves from the load under fault conditions, leaving power to the load.

The space savings footprint allow the LS range to be mounted in confined locations while providing protection the Line/Neutral, Line/Ground, and Neutral/Ground modes. The LS range is also a UL1449 4th Edition Recognized Component. With ingress protection to IP66 (NEMA 4X) the LS range can be installed in most locations and carries an unrivaled “no fuss” 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

LS05K range offers unique “All-Mode” Protection and complies the requirements of T2+T3 type SPD according to IEC61643-11:2011, also meets ANSI C136.2 “Enhanced” level of protection ( 5kA/10kV) . LS20N devices shall be installed either in series or in parallel with a Max discharge current of 20kA and a load current rating of 12A when it is installed in series.

⦁ LED lighting system and driver protection

⦁ Models for 120-277V ,240V split phase, 347V and 480V

⦁ Excellent performance to size ratio

⦁ Series and parallel connection models

⦁ UL1449, 4th Edition Type 4CA Recognized Component