Instrument Gas Pressure Reduction: Project

Problem / Demand / Purpose

An instrument gas panel with a reliable operation and capability of operating unattended is required by our client in order to supply instrument gas to a set of safety critical valving unit consist of Blow Down Valve, Pressure Control Valve and Safety Shutdown Valve in a Compressor Station in the South West Queensland near Cooladdie, Queensland.


A Stainless-Steel IG Panel is manufactured by Indratel with process piping, structural, mechanical design and installation arrangement complaint to the most recent requirements, rules in relevant AS/NZS Regulations / Standards and the client’s design specifications with a philosophy of minimum service requirement and staffing such that

  • The panel instrumentation, equipment and pressure regulation valving can handle “Input Pressure: 7,000 – 15,320 kPag,” and “Output Pressure: 700 kPag. with Max. Gas Capacity 55 scm/h” at a low operating temperature as the gas will cool as a result of the pressure reductions.
  • The gas panel consist of two parallel filtration / regulation runs, giving a duty / standby configuration with components piped together using stainless steel tubing and Pressure Indicating Transmitter IECEx certified for installation in a min. Zone 1, IIA, and T1.
  • Pressure gauges and transmitters mounted on the panel at a height between 1300 mm and 1500 mm from grade / base of the stand can be easily read from ground level.
  • The Stainless-Steel Insturment panel and Hot Dip Galvanised stand / support frame is free-standing with lifting arrangement capable of supporting the panel during installation with lifting lugs and suitable for bolting to concrete
  • Equipments requiring routine maintenance and operation are accessible without any need to remove other components or equipment.
  • The equipment layout provides adequate clearance and safe access for operation and maintenance.
  • The arrangement of all components is designed to allow for removal and replacement of any part without disturbing adjacent parts.
instrument gas pressure reduction