Industrial WLAN Infrastructure supporting Machine Learning and Automation

Industrial WLAN Infrastructure Australia

The combination of machine learning and camera technology is expected to deliver a significantly streamlined and reliable screening process for all incoming shipping containers.

Indratel Australia was engaged by an industry leading machine learning software company to design and supply a high speed wireless infrastructure solution to support the required high speed data throughput.

By combining automated cameras and real-time machine learning will be able to scan the external surfaces of sea containers for contaminants and biosecurity risk material (BRM) as they are being unloaded from cargo ships.

The solution is Westermo’s Industrial WLAN Ibex RT-320 MIMO Client modem for high speed wireless connections from the high end smart cameras on the movable cranes to the Ibex RT-370 MIMO Access point on the fixed point light towers for fibre runs back to the server room for the machine learning software to capture and utilise the images.

The result is data throughput well in excess of the required minimum speeds for the trial to perform. The software trial continues but the wireless network hasn’t missed a beat.