Flow Computers & Metering: Case Study - Oil Search Limited


Oil Search Limited have three separate custody transfer metering systems for their PNG facilities. Two off processing and storage facilities (Central Processing Facility CPF and Gobe Processing Facility GPF) supply crude oil to Kumul Marine Terminal (KMT) via an onshore/ offshore pipeline (264km) to the export loading tanker. Crude is metered at each location using Turbine Meters and proved against a conventional bi-directional pipe prover system. Each metering stream has its own dedicated flow computer and each has its own dedicated prover flow computer. All metering and proving data is reported back to the customer DCS systems for control and monitoring. The transfer of crude from the CPF and GPF to the KMT is a batch process occurring weekly/biweekly basis. A typical load takes approximately 72 hours to complete.


The existing Smith Meter Inc Metering Flow Computers have reached their end of life with no spares or direct replacement units available. Indratel Australia Pty Ltd proposed a customised replacement option utilising Emerson S600 Flow Computers and Prover Flow Computers to provide the required functionality. In addition to the Metering Functionality, the System also controls the downstream control valves to maintain stable flow and pressure and also the pipe prover operation. Data interface to the customer DCS to maintain the current data structure.

Scope of Work

Indratel Australia Pty Ltd provided the following components:

  • 9 off Metering Flow Computers (Emerson S600)
  • 3 off Metering Prover Computers (Emerson S600)
  • Configuration and Programming for Metering and Proving functions
  • Development of Software functions enabling the data transfer to the customer DCS
  • Factory Acceptance Testing of each Metering and Control Panel and MMI system, system communications
  • Verification of the Metering Flow and Prover Computer algorithms against certified third-party software
  • On site commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing
  • Documentation
  • Warranty

Project value: 425k AUD.

Project was delivered in time and within the budget.

Ongoing Support

Indratel Australia Pty Ltd has been supporting Oil Search Limited after the project delivery.

One off the pipe provers has been replaced by an UltraSonic Master Meter and Indratel re-programmed the Prover Computer to match the new Master Meter followed by on site commissioning and Site Acceptance Tes