Fieldbus Displays

We supply the widest range of fieldbus displays from 8 variable to cost effective single variable version, field and panel mount variants, safe and hazardous area version as well as FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 and Profibus PA versions. All versions are bus powered to simplify installation.

The 8 variable BA-x8x version provides a large 86 x 45 mm back-lit display with 9 standard screen options displaying 1 to 4 variables, measurement units and tags as well as bar graphs. The operator can select the displayed screen via the front panel push-buttons, or these buttons may be disabled. The instrument can be supplied with six isolated alarm outputs, each of which may be linked to any of the displayed fieldbus variables. Alarm setpoints can be entered via the front panel push-buttons, which in turn may be protected by a security code.

The cost effective BA-x1x displays a single fieldbus process variable on a bold five digit display and a 31 segment analogue bargraph. It supports FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 with an Input Selector fieldbus function block which is supported by most fieldbus hosts.

The BA-xx4 field mounted versions are housed in a robust IP66 glass reinforced polyester (GRP) enclosure with a toughened glass window that may be surface mounted, or pipe mounted using one of the accessory kits.

The BA-xx8 panel mounted version provides IP66 ingress protection from the front, fitting in a standard 72 x 144mm panel cut out.

The BA-4xx intrinsically safe versions have ATEX, FM, cFM and IECEx intrinsically safe certification and comply with the Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept FISCO. For applications in Zone 2 the BA414NDF has ATEX and IECEx Type nL approval and is FNICO compliant.

The BA-6xx versions are designed for general purpose safe area applications.

* FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 and Profibus PA versions
* Displays upto 8 fieldbus process variables
* General purpose and intrinsically safe versions
* ATEX Gas & Dust, FM and IEC Ex certifications
* FISCO compliant intrinsically safe version