DS7 soft start controller

DS7 easily fits in place of existing soft starters, wye-delta starters or across-the-line NEMA and IEC starters. The voltage ramp start method provides a voltage ramp to the motor for constant torque increase. Users set initial voltage values and the duration of the ramp to full voltage conditions. Soft Stop allows for a controlled stopping of load when a stop-time greater than the coast-to-stop time is desired; for high friction loads where a sudden stop may cause system damage.

Core features

  • Run bypass mode greatly reduces internal heating created by the power dissipation across the SCRs
  • Bypass contactor directly connects the motor to the line and improves system efficiency by reducing internal power losses
  • Less heat minimizes enclosure size and cooling requirements, and maximizes the life of all devices in the enclosure
  • LED displays device status and provides fault indication
  • Variable ramp times and voltage control (torque control) settings provide unlimited starting configurations for maximum application flexibility
  • Manages peak starting torque to diminish mechanical system wear and damage
  • 120 Vac or 24 Vdc control voltage available
  • Temperature monitoring sensors allow starter to trip in over/under temperature conditions, preventing device failure
  • Available with or without SmartWire-DT capability