DP200 BT & RJ range

The DP200 BT & RJ range provides robust, 10kA, plug in protection for fax, modem, telemetry and other telecom applications. Units are available with either a BT or RJ11 style plug and socket, DP200/BT and DP200/RJ respectively. Where RFI filtering is required in addition to surge protection the DP200/BT/RFI and DP200/RJ/RFI can be supplied. These devices suppress interference due to medium wave radio transmissions, and other sources, which can compromise normal telecom operation.

  • Protects fax, modems, telemetry and other telecom equipment
  • BT and RJ11 style plug and socket
  • Full 4-wire protection
  • RFI version available for noisy environments
  • 10 Year ‘No Fuss’ Warranty