DataTaker® DT90 Series Data Loggers

Compact and low power, meet the DT90 Series of data loggers.

Designed for companies in need of universal and low power data logging solutions, this compact data logger is cost effective, yet packs all the necessary features for logging your data.

The DT90 Series has been designed with an emphasis on low power, small size and ease of deployment. This logger is ideal for your remote monitoring environmental and industrial applications. There are two models available – the DT90L and DT90N. The DT90N is perfect for setting up small stations that require multiparameter sensors that only have a digital output. The DT90L is designed for multiparameter applications and can interface with both analog and digital sensors. Both options in this series share the same kernel board and core functionality.

Compact, all-in-one monitoring

The DT90 series of data loggers are compact, all-in-one monitoring modules with an integrated modem, specifically designed for remote applications. The rugged design and wide operating temperature range provides reliable operation in virtually any environment. These are low-power and cost effective data loggers with a dedicated mounting handle for a simple and quick installation process.

Data retrieval and device configuration are available via USB interface for on-site communication. You can also use the automatic data delivery feature to send logged data to an FTP server at regular intervals. Alarm configurations can trigger SMS messages to multiple mobile phones.

DT90 programming software can easily take you through the setup of your logger and how you want the system to work, customised for you.

DataTaker® DT90 Series Data Loggers​ main features and benefits

  • Ease of deployment: Simple connectivity via USB on-site makes it easy to configure and test the deployed monitoring module
  • Universal: Connects to any sensor. This universal logger can connect to any type of sensor. Analogue*: voltage, current, RTD; Digital: SDI-12, MODBUS, pulses
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery: Up to 300 days run
    time on one charge and the ability to connect directly to solar power, making this logger the best solution for your remote monitoring applications
  • Robust: With its solid aluminium case and fully waterproof probe (IP68 rated), this logger is suitable for harsh environments
  • Cost effective: Low maintenance product. Minimal attention needed after setup
    *For DT90L version