DataTaker DT85

DataTaker DT85 is a high end loggers which supports analog inputs, digital I/O, counters, SDI12 and smart sensor, featuring a staggering maximum number of 960 common referenced analog sensors (when using 16x CEM20). This logger is suitable to be used in multiple applications or massive array of sensors.

DT85 offers a comparable choice when the application needs to read more than 15 analog sensors with the same support on high capacity memory and various communication options.


  • Dual Channel Isolation Technology
  • 2 Serial ‘Smart Sensor’ ports
  • FTP for automatic data transfer
  • Up to 48 Analog (± 30V) sensor inputs
  • Expandable to 960 analog inputs
  • 8 Flexible Digital channels
  • Modbus for SCADA connection
  • SDI-12 (multiple networks)
  • USB memory for easy data and program transfer
  • Internal modem (option)
  • Internal WiFi (option)


  • Meteorological station network
  • Air pollution
  • River floods
  • Water flow
  • Forest fire detection
  • Water pollution
  • Plantation monitoring
  • Wind and solar power monitoring
  • Green houses
  • Power usage or smart grid