DataTaker DT80

DataTaker DT80 is standard logger which supports analog inputs, digital I/O, counters, SDI12 and smart sensor. The extensive range of sensors selection make this variant of DataTaker a good choice for complex applications which includes a lot of sensors especially with the ability to use extension module CEM20.

No need to have multiple loggers in one installation site as DT80 can read up to 300 common referenced analog sensors (when using 5x CEM20). With the support of high capacity memory, no need to worry about running out of space to log your data.

DataTaker DT80 core features

  • Dual Channel Isolation Technology
  • 2 Serial ‘Smart Sensor’ ports
  • FTP for automatic data transfer
  • Up to 15 Analog (± 30V) sensor inputs
  • Expandable to 300 analog inputs
  • Modbus for SCADA connection
  • SDI-12 (multiple networks)
  • USB memory for easy data and
    program transfer
  • Internal modem (option)
  • Internal WiFi (option)