Daniel Senior Dual-Chamber Orifice Fittings

Daniel Senior Dual-Chamber Orifice Fittings

About the Daniel Senior Dual-Chamber Orifice Fittings

Accurate, Reliable And Easy-To-Use

There are over a million Daniel Senior Orifice Fittings in service worldwide. These differential pressure flow meters give unparalleled measurement accuracy  in accordance with AGA 3, API 14.3 and OIML 5167. They are the most used device for this purpose. The dual chamber design is an industry leader, saving time and money and preventing unscheduled downtime by providing a fast, safe and extremely simple method of changing orifice plates under pressure. The fitting can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal plane and the unique plate carrier also ensures superior concentricity to reduce measurement uncertainty. The costly bypasses or additional valves that are required with conventional orifice flanges are not needed with this device, simplifying installation and startup.

Specifications of the Daniel Senior Dual-Chamber Orifice Fittings ​

Measurement TypeDifferential pressure
Fluid TypeLiquid, gas
Discharge Coefficient UncertaintyIn accordance with AGA 3/API 14.3
Line Size2-in to 24-in (50-mm to 609-mm)
Max. Operating PressureANSI 2500
Process Temperature Range-20 F to +160 F (-29º C to +71º C )
Flange TypeANSI Raised Face, ANSI RTJ
Process Wetted MaterialCarbon Steel (WCB and LCC), 316/316L SST, Duplex
Trim OptionsStandard Service, Sweet Service, Sour Service, Low Temperature

Features of the Daniel Senior Dual-Chamber Orifice Fittings ​

  • The longevity, reliability and performance of systems is dependent on regularly scheduled maintenance. This program makes it possible to establish a flexible pa, at the same time as keeping control system hardware and software maintenance requirements current.
  • The unique four-point positioning system ensures concentricity, minimizing measurement uncertainty.
  • Expensive flow calibration is not required to achieve custody transfer accuracy.
  • Indicator plates show clearly if the slide valve is in the open or closed position, allowing safe operation.
  • The wide range of line sizes and ANSI ratings available satisfies a variety of application requirements. 
  • The design provides an optimal seal, eliminating damage and/or equipment failure.
  • The device is compatible with a wide variety of Daniel Universal and Paddle Type Plates and Plate Seals.
  • Costly bypasses or additional valves aren’t needed, making installation smoother, and mounting can be in a vertical or horizontal plane.

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