Compressor Control System Upgrade: Case Study - Santos Ltd.

1. Problem

As part of a planned mechanical upgrade of older style reciprocating gas compressors, customer decided to replace the compressor control systems. The existing controllers had become obsolete with no spares available. There were also Hazardous Area Standards compliance issues to be resolved. Further, most older style controllers had no analog interface capabilities, hence providing limited visibility to the process. New control system was to mimic the functionality of the existing Murphy controllers.

2. Solution

Indratel, as a local representative of Spartan Controls, was selected to design, manufacture, supply and commission the new control system equipment. The Scope of Works included the following items:

  • System Design, Documentation, Engineering and Programming
  • Free standing stainless steel cabinet housing the Allen- Bradley CompactLogix PLC with Spartan Controls standard code
  • Separate stainless steel enclosure housing the HMI in Hazardous Area (Zone 2)
  • Instrument Rack with sunshade supplied complete with transmitters, tubing to a bulkhead and mounting brackets for the Caterpillar Adem controller.
  • Free standing stainless steel cabinet housing Backup Battery System complete with Charger

3. Result

Control panel backplanes were assembled at Spartan Controls Calgary facility including the development of software functions with the data transfer to the customer DCS.

Factory Acceptance Testing of each Control Panel and HMI was carried out by Indratel and Spartan personnel.

Backplanes were mounted into the control panels at Indratel Brisbane facility together with manufacturing the Instrument Racks, HMI enclosures and Battery Backup cabinets.

Indratel managed the commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing at customer site.

Project was delivered in time and within the budget with minimum interruption to the customer operation.

Compressor Control System Upgrade