725B Range Combined Annunciator and Event Recorder

Our new 725B Combined Annunciator and Event Recorder brings together many years of development in Alarm Annunciator technology to offer you the most advanced alarm monitoring system available today.

The 725B uses CANBUS® communication technology and our unique multi-redundant design to offer the best combination of reliability, flexibility, usability and cost of ownership.

Based on our field-proven 725 Range Alarm Annunciator, the 725B is the ideal solution for monitoring your critical alarms whatever the size or complexity of the system:

  • Multi-redundant design so there is no single point of failure
  • Modular construction – units can be assembled in almost any shape and size from 1 to 256 channels with a choice of three window sizes and six colours
  • Interchangeable, ultra-bright white LED illumination
  • 1ms Event Recording functionality up to 256 points can be supplied
  • Fully configurable for each individual point using a standard USB connection to PC or laptop
  • Integral power supply, optional universal supply for direct connection to 85-264VAC or 88-300VDC
  • Comprehensive diagnostics, warning LEDs and common relays are used to provide indication of any problems with the alarm system
  • Flexible relays, up to 32 output relays can be used and configured as group relays, audible relays or diagnostic relays
  • Each system is supplied with 6 pushbuttons and dual audibles to cover almost all alarm applications
  • Optional protocols include RS485 Modbus, RTK/AMS ( Timestamping), TCP/IP DNP3.0, IEC6185