450U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem

Ultra-Long Range Ethernet for Reliable Connectivity

The ELPRO 450U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem is a robust, licensed and license-free wireless transceiver capable of ultra-long range communications. Operating at 360 to 512MHz, and up to 5.0W, the ELPRO 450U-E is optimized for throughputs of up to 19.2kbps which provides robust and secure two-way wireless communications in extremely challenging outdoor environments over obstructed paths typical of remote monitoring and control applications. Capable of operating in Access Point/Client configuration, functioning as a network Bridge/Router, or serving as a Serial Server (RS232/485), the ELPRO 450U-E offers node to node deterministic mesh network repeatability for further range and multiple channel spacing options to increase network scalability. Integrated Modbus server capability allows seamless integration with smart sensors, RTU’s or I/O expansion through the use of ELPRO 115S Expansion modules.