415U-BSR Condor Series Redundant Base Station Repeater

ELPRO is proud to announce the release of the CONDOR SERIES Base Station Repeater (415U-BSR) forming part of the successful line of Condor Series high speed licensed and licence free radio telemetry products. The Condor Series 415U-BSR provides dual redundant radios for critical applications requiring redundancy in the network. The 415U-BSR can be utilized as either a Repeater or Base Radio. With Automatic fail over, Manual Control or SCADA Control the 415U-BSR brings added reliability to your network. The Condor Series products come in four easy-to-select frequency bands:

  • 148MHz – 174MHz,
  • 340MHz – 400MHz,
  • 400MHz – 480Mhz and,
  • 470MHz – 520MHz.

With up to 10W transmit power, an improved configuration software for seamless network setups, and advanced cybersecurity features that meet the most stringent standards.