2 Way: 2/2 - ASCO Series 283

Normally Closed, Normally Open – M5, G 1/8, G 1/4,  8-11mm Spigots – Engineered Plastics – Aggressive Liquids/Gases

  • Ideal for controlling corrosive fluids
  • Capable of handling a variety of media with several body and diaphragm material options.
  • Lever mechanism valve for medical analyzers, biotechnology, and the chemical industry
  • Body: PEI (polyetherimide), PP (Glass Fiber Reinforced)
  • Seals: VMQ, FPM, EPDM, FKM
  • High flow rates for corrosive media service available.
  • Available adjustable flow restrictor incorporated into valve body (range10% to 100% flow)