805U-D Wireless Serial Data Modem

The ELPRO 805U-D Wireless Serial Modem is a robust, license-free serial transceiver capable of long range communications to 10km/6mile. Operating at 869MHz and up to 500mW, the ELPRO 805U-D provides high-speed RS232 and RS485 connectivity up to 76.8kbps, which provides robust and secure two-way wireless serial communications in challenging environments typical of industrial monitoring and control applications.

Capable of high speed communications with serial devices, the ELPRO 805U-D can communicate using either transparent broadcast mode or a controlled addressed mode. Both offer node to node, node to multi-node and repeatability for greater range. Integrated forward error correction maximizes bit error rate providing greater transmission reliability and configurable DTR controlled low power mode on the RS232 port aids reduction of overall power consumption. The modem is hazardous area approved, delivering strong resistance in harsh industrial environments.