Water and sewer industry applications are the most common application for radio telemetry systems generally; and this is no exception for Indratel.

Since 2000 we have supplied many radio telemetry units and systems to the water & sewer industry; particularly throughout regional NSW where we have supplied a considerable number of systems.

Many of these systems (particularly in regional NSW) have utilised the small HMI (touch panel) systems that we have developed
as these systems provide SCADA type functionality in an easy to use industrial hardened device
(that does not require high skill level operators, continual software upgrades or antivirus/malware protection in remote areas where technically skilled operators or support personnel may be scarce; and support costs for PC based SCADA systems become excessive).

These systems have designed and integrated by Indratel to provide a long and reliable services life
(with several systems supplied by Indratel now having been in use for 10+ years).

In addition, more recent systems have incorporated Elpro’s 615M-1 cellular modem with Elpro radio telemetry systems to provide the “backhaul” links for more distant outposts of these systems (distances unlimited, with distances in excess of 200km installed using this arrangement); and where remote access to these sites for diagnostic or support then also becomes available.

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