Since 2007 Indratel has supplied and implemented Thunderstorm Warning Systems at the majority of Australia’s major airports.
Commencing with the supply and integration of the QANTAS storm warning system at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin Airports; and subsequent implementation of similar systems at Cairns (2011), Gold Coast (2013) and Perth (2014-15); Indratel has provided the equipment; and integration, commissioning and ongoing support services for these systems.

These systems are used as a safety measure to provide early warning of approaching thunderstorms and lightning to airport ground staff who may be working in the vicinity of aircraft, with the warning system only activated when operated by airport terminal operations staff based on advice from weather bureau or by local observation of storm activity (they do not detect lightning strikes or approaching thunderstorms); but have proved effective in providing quick and reliable warning to all airport ground staff without the need for personal communication devices.
In addition to use at airports these systems can be used at seaports, container terminals, fuel depots, mine sites, and other facilities were timely advice of approaching thunderstorm activity can enhance the safety of the site staff.

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